Two weeks before the workshop, the students will be sent a reminder to submit a writing sample (e.g. conference abstract, manuscript introduction, draft manuscript, etc.). Students will be randomly assigned into small groups of 5 and the writing samples of all students in the given group will be shared. Prior to the workshop, the students will read and revise the text of other students and be prepared to discuss the format, clarity, and scientific content of the writing sample in peer-editing circles. At the workshop, three hours will be dedicated to peer-editing circles after an introductory lecture of best practices for scientific writing. Experts will also join the circles to help moderate discus-sions and provide additional advice and tips. This will not only allow students to learn more about different research fields, but provide them with the opportunity to act as a peer reviewer (potentially for the first time), allowing them to better understand how their own writing could be improved. This will also give each individual significant feed-back for improvement on their own writing style.